Mission Statement

Anderson Prototypes, producer of fine-machined parts, components and assemblies, mixes cutting edge design methodology, machining and rapid prototyping technologies and a flair with out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish the impossible. Incorporating 28 years experience, with the use of machines and software, to be able to offer top quality products. We are fluent with Movie and TV props, to new product prototypes, to next generation product development, unavailable part replacements, racing and custom motorcycles, custom moulds and dies, jewelry and art pieces.

Jim Anderson, Owner/Operator
Through the use of CNC machines (Computer Numerical Controlled) and manual machines such as a vertical mill machines and engine lathes equipped with a digital readout and, and Rapid Prototyping Machines as well as many others, we consistently craft quality components using a wide variety of materials.

We can build on-offs parts, create custom jigs and fixtures for your process,or small batch CNC runs of established parts. We are the guys who can do the job right and right ontime.

By designing with solid modelling software we assure the best quality by employing the most efficient machining methods available.

Anderson Prototypes is located in Port Moody, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

These are a pair of prototype water bag sealing devices.
They started life as a 10 second sketch on a white board.