Products and Services

Do you have a Dragons Den idea?

Anderson Prototypes can help you transform that idea into a working product

We are a unique producer of prototypes and unobtainable parts. We construct many devices as well as single components to serve a wide range of clients and industries. We produce fine-machined parts and assemblies, while incorporating cutting edge design methodology, machining and rapid prototyping technologies to offer top quality products.

The design begins with solid modeling software and moves to creation with proficient machining methods. Consistently Anderson Prototypes crafts quality components using a wide variety of materials and unique finishing options. We have the ability to create one-off parts, machinery,  custom rebuilds and upgrades, custom jigs and fixtures for your process, or small batch CNC runs of established parts.

Anderson Prototypes offers a process improvement service, which includes mechanical and systems enhancements for your bottle necks and troubled production issues.

Machining & Fabricating

Functioning prototype development services

Representational prototype development services

Unobtainable part replacements

Design work in Autocad or Solidworks

Solid modeling design, Creation & Editing

TV & movie props and special equipment

Small batch production of high quality products

Set-up & Machining jigs to increase productivity

Research & Development

Moulds-Plastic Injection, Vacuum & Casting

Repairs & Replacement components in many materials

 3D Scanning and model creation

Rapid Prototyping

Next generation product

New product prototypes

Machinery component upgrades

Jewelry and art pieces

Custom made die sets for production punching, stamping & cutting

Manual Machining and Repairs

Anodizing & Powder coating

Commissioned art pieces

Motorcycle Upgrades

Engine rebuilding and High Performance Work

Road Racing Preparations and Modifications

Street and Off-Road  Modifications

See Jim’s Portfolio to view some of the creations he and his team have built and collaborated on